Luz Helena Salazar – Colombia Microlot

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Filter Roast | 100g Microlot

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Processing: Natural EF2

Altitude: 1,400-1,450 masl

Cupping Score: 89.25

Tasting Notes: Black Forest Cake, Raspberry, Rose, Passionfruit, Caramel.

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This is one of our 2024 microlot coffee beans.

It was grown by a single farmer, Luz Helena Salazar, on a single plot at Maracay farm.

Luz Helena was raised in the town of Armenia, Quindio, in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region.

She has dedicated the past two decades to specialty coffee production, harvesting beans with unique flavour profiles and high cupping scores.

Her expertise shines through at Maracay, her 8-hectare farm nestled at 1,400-1,450 meters above sea level.

Luz Helena Salazar Coffee Farmer in Colombia

A multi-fermentation method known as EF2 was used on this microlot coffee.

After undergoing a 24-hour dry aerobic fermentation process, the coffee was meticulously enclosed within Grainpro bags for a duration of 50 hours.

During this time, the cherries were kept at a controlled temperature below 22°C.

Subsequently, the intact cherries were methodically spread out on raised beds until they attained an ideal moisture content of 11%.

This unique coffee will take you on a fruity and punchy flavour journey.

The aroma of this coffee could be mistaken for juice, and the juiciness continues in the mouthfeel and flavour of the brew.

This 100% pink bourbon coffee has a complex flavour profile that changes as it ages.

Depending on how many days it’s been, you may expect flavours of black forest cake, caramel, passionfruit, raspberry or rose to dominate.


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Luz Helena Salazar Microlot Colombia Coffee
Luz Helena Salazar – Colombia Microlot
8,00 60,00