(SOLD OUT) Marcala Organic – Honduras

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Espresso & Filter Roast | 250g or 1kg

Varietal: Catuaí, Lempira, Ihcafe 90

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1,250-1,700 masl

Cupping Score: 86.75

Tasting Notes: Red fruits, Mango, Chocolate, Delicate

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Notes of mango add an exotic fruity punch to this organic Honduran coffee.

It has a medium acidity and good body, and is remarkably sweet and clean.

With a cupping score of 86.75, we love this coffee as both a filter and espresso coffee.

The former allows the fruity flavours to shine one by one, with red fruits and mango dominating the delicate tasting experience.

As an espresso, Marcala offers a bold and fruity shot that leaves a lingering fruitiness on the tongue.

One of the world's best coffee

About this coffee

This coffee is a product of the COMSA initiative.

Founded in 2001, with a group of 61 coffee farmers, COSMA helps more than 1500 farmers work in a dynamic, responsible and innovative way.

Since its foundation, the members of COMSA decided that, in addition to producing high-quality coffees, organic coffee would be a fundamental pillar.

COMSA´s consolidation over time in international and local markets has allowed it to access different certification schemes that guarantee the quality of coffee, sustainable environmental practices and the company´s social investments for the benefit of its members and their communities.

After being grown using organic farming methods, the coffee cherries are harvested.

At this stage, only fully ripe cherries, red wine-coloured, are encouraged to be harvested by hand.

Producers deliver the cherries to COMSA´s central wet mill and the team there select the best-looking cherries.

On occasions when lower-quality cherries are detected, the latter are extracted.

After this, the coffee is transferred to a drying patio or to a solar drier.

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    Good quality and tastes great from our Aeropress Go 🙂

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