(sold out) Trenggiling – Indonesia

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Espresso & Filter Roast | 250g or 1kg

Varietal: Andung Sari, Ateng, Linie S-795 , Timtim, Typica

Processing: Wet Hulled

Altitude: 1,200-1,700 masl

Cupping Score: 85

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Cola, Fruitcake

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This unique Indonesian coffee has a cupping score of 85 and one very unique and prominent tasting note: cola!

Sourced from across Indonesia, this coffee strives to make the supply chain in Indonesia more transparent.

In doing so, it provides fairer prices for farmers, better quality for consumers and reduced carbon emissions in its transport.

This is made possible through select partnerships across Indonesia, where both the village collector and district processor can be traced.

Most of the farms that contribute to this coffee are very small – usually no larger than 0.5 to 2.5 hectares in total – but the coffee sales contribute significantly to the owners’ livelihoods.

Through initiatives such as these and the cooperatives that are being organised, farmers are able to share resources, arrange training and negotiate better opportunities.

Indonesia coffee farm

About this coffee

This coffee is the result of beans grown across the Indonesian archipelago – including, but not limited to, Sumatra.

It shortens the supply chain and, in turn, improves the profits received by each of the smallholder farmers who contributes to this ongoing project.

Indonesia is well-known for its unique wet hulling process, giling basah, and this is the processing method used for this coffee.

This is due to the country’s inconsistent rainfall, constant humidity and the lack of drying infrastructure.

The basic process for wet hulling is as follows: Cherry is harvested and pulped at or near the farm, on small hand-cranked or motorized pulpers.

The coffee is fermented overnight (in small tanks, buckets, or bags) and washed with clean water the following morning.

Many of thee smallholder farmers who contribute to this coffee run very small farms that make up only a portion of their income.

They often intercrop their trees with vegetables, maize, fruit and other foods for their family.

In this case, the result is a surprising coffee with a prominent tasting note – and aftertaste – of cola. We also picked up brown sugar, dark chocolate and stone fruit.


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