Coffee Subscription – Half & Half

21,90  for each 1 month

Subscribe to our filter coffee subscription and you’ll receive two different 250g bags of beans every month.

The Half & Half for subscription is perfect for home coffee brewers who like to experiment with different brewing methods because one bag of beans will be a filter roast and the other one will be an espresso roast.

Our filter roasts are light roasts, perfect for use with your V60, AeroPress, Chemex, French press, filter machine or other filter methods of brewing coffee.

Our espresso roasts are darker than our filter roasts – but not too dark. Our espresso beans are a medium roast that brings out the most distinctive tasting notes, and they’re perfect for use with espresso machines, moka pots or other espresso brewing methods.

Please note: We send whole beans, but can grind on request. If you would like your beans ground for you, please send an email to


Got questions? Click here to find out more about our specialty coffee subscription or contact us if your question hasn’t been answered.


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specialty coffee subscription
Coffee Subscription – Half & Half
21,90  for each 1 month