V60 Pour Over Menu

If you need help choosing a V60 to try, our baristas will be happy to help you decide.

Prices are for small (250ml) and large (500ml).

Like what you tried (or want to try more)? You can buy any of our beans in-store and here on our website. Beans are sold in 250g and 1kg bags of whole beans but can be ground to suit your brewing method at no cost.


Burundi – Gakenke Natural – 3,50€ / 6,00€

Syrupy and sweet! Caramel, raspberry syrup, cherry, citrus, and chocolate.

Kenya – Wahundura – Washed AA – 4,00€ / 7,00€

Classically Kenyan. Honey body, blackcurrant, blueberry, and cherry.


Indonesia – Trenggiling – Wet Hulled – 3,50€ / 6,00€

Odd and Earthy. Brown sugar, fruit cake and cola.

Kenya – Ichuga/Nyeri – Washed AB 4,00€ / 7,00€

Herbal and Juicy. So unique. Lemongrass sensations, plus dried cranberries and blackcurrant.


Costa Rica – Fatima – Anaerobic Natural – 5,00€ / 9,00€

Very sweet and fruity. Medium Acidity. Pineapple, clementine, brown sugar, guava.

Colombia – La Esperanza – Geisha – 6,50€ / 11€

Complex and Delicate. Turkish Delight, lemon, cherry, rosehip, and cacao.

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